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Tarih: 18.06.2019, Saat: 07:24
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 discount Mineral Oil Fill Distribution Transformer
14.06.2019, Saat:03:18,
Yeni Üye
Üye Grubu
Üyelik Tarihi: 14.06.2019
Mesajlar : 10
Araç: Seçilmemiş   Seçilmemiş
Model ve Renk: 11-2   GEL battery fac
Konum: http://www.bamboopanelschina.com/bamboo-panels/vertical-bamboo-panel/
discount Mineral Oil Fill Distribution Transformer

Our History

PCE founded in 1998, is a manufacturing enterprise with nearly 20 years of experience in production, sales, design and research.
Our Factory
PCE has established two production bases to manufacture power transformer and high&low voltage electrical equipment.PCE pays more attention to training high-quality technical team, Technicians make up 20% of the staff. Including 5 senior engineers, 19 engineers, 37 quality inspecting & testing staffs, 42 other types of technical staffs. Advanced testing and inspection equipment、strict production process  and perfect testing and inspection process are the powerful backing of our product quality, and also the confidence source of PCE product export.
Our Product
PCE main products are integrated, S11 series of oil-immersed power transformer, / S13 M.R L, S11 M.R L series stereo triangle roll core oil-immersed power transformer, the SCB10 series epoxy resin dry type transformer, SGB10 series SBH15 environmental protection class H insulation dry type transformer, a series of amorphous transformer SC 10 - RL, SC (B) (B) 11-13 - RL series RL SC (B) resin pouring three-dimensional volume core dry type transformer, ZBW precast box substation series, series of YBF combined substation, KYN28 series high and low voltage switchgear, etc.
Product Application
PCE has extensive experience in power distribution networks, providing services to power, energy, construction, industrial, mining, infrastructure and aerospace industries.
Our Certificate
Honors of the company over the years: < China famous brand product >,  < China top ten transformer brand >, < China government procurement preferred brand >, the product has passed iso9001:2008 quality management system certification, product quality in line with IEC60076 international standards and national standards.
Production Equipment
Among them are the following equipment :5 sets of automatic silicon steel sheet cutting machines,21 sets of ovens,6 sets of vacuum pressure impregnating tanks,6 sets of silicon steel sheet vacuum annealing equipment, 52 sets of punch presses of various sizes,4 sets of automatic corrugating machine production lines,15 sets of welding machines and 60 sets of winding equipment.
Production Market
The products are exported to Africa, South America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and other countries, and have been invited for bidding in South Africa, Malaysia, myanmar, Mongolia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.
Our Service
Pre-sales service: provide design consulting service in accordance with customer requirements, and provide separate design scheme according to different customer markets to make products more competitive.
In-sales service: provide training on relevant knowledge for customer operators, ensure that they have a good command of product features, allow customer related personnel to directly participate in the relevant product production and site acceptance, and ensure that the product quality meets the relevant international and national standards and contract requirements.discount Mineral Oil Fill Distribution Transformer
14.06.2019, Saat:03:18
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