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 Top 10 brands Frequency Converter
14.06.2019, Saat:03:19,
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Üyelik Tarihi: 14.06.2019
Mesajlar : 10
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Model ve Renk: 11-2   GEL battery fac
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Top 10 brands Frequency Converter

ac-ac frequency converter

Technical Specification (0.5-550HP)
Basic functionsMaximum frequencyvector control:0~300Hz
V/F control:0~3200Hz
Carrier frequency0.5kHz~16kHz
The carrier frequency automatically adjusted based on the load features
Input frequency resolutionDigital setting:0.01Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency×0.025%
Control modeSensorless Open-loop vector control(SVC)
Closed-loop vector control(FVC)
V/F control
Startup torqueG type:0.5Hz/180%(SVC);0Hz/200%(FVC)
P type:0.5Hz/100%
Speed range1:100(SVC)1:1000(FVC)
Speed stability accuracy±0.5%(SVC)±0.02%(FVC)
Torque control response and precisionResponse time 5ms, precision±5%(FVC)
Overload capacityG type:150% rated current 60s;180% rated current 3s.
P type:120 rated current 60s;150% rated current 3s.
Torque boostAutomatic torque boost; Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curveThree modes: Straight-line V/F curve; Multi-point V/F curve; N-power type V/F curve(1.2-power、1.4-power、1.6-power、1.8-power、2-power)
V/F separation2 modes: complete separation 、half separation
Ramp modeStraight-line ramp and S-curve ramp
Four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0—6500.0s
DC injection brakingDC braking frequency:0.00Hz~maximum frequency
braking time:0.0s~36.0s
Braking action current value:0.0%~100.0%
Jog controlJog frequency range:0.00Hz~50.00Hz
Jog acceleration and deceleration time:0.0s~6500.0s
Simple PLC, ultistag speed operationIt implements up to 16 speeds via the simple
PLC function or combination of DI terminal states.
Built-in PIDIt can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes.
Automatic voltage regulation(AVR)Automatically maintain a constant output voltage when grid voltage changes
Over voltage over current loss of speed controlAutomatic limit of the current and voltage during the operation,prevent frequent overcurrent and overvoltage trip
Rapid current limitMinimizing over-current fault,Protect the normal operation of converter
Torque limit and control"Excavator" characteristics,automatic limit of the torque during the operation,to prevent frequent over-current trip;Closed-loop vector mode torque control can be achieved
functionHigh performanceBased on high performance of current vector control technology to achieve asynchronous motor and synchronous motor control
Power dip ride throughThe load feedback energy compensates the voltage reduction so that the AC drive can continue to run for a short time..
Fast current limitAvoid frequent over-current fault of the frequency converter
Virtual IOFive groups of virtual DI/Dos can realize simple logic control
Timing controlTiming control function :Time range 0.0Min~6500.0Min.
Multi-motor switchoverTwo motors can be switched over via two groups of motor parameter
Multiple communication protocolsIt supports communication via: standard configuration RS-485(MODBUS protocols)、optional Canlink port(need JP-EXT2-IO extension card)
Motor overheat protectionThe optional JP-EXT2-IO extension card 2 enables analog input V3 to receive the motor temperature sensor input (PT100)
Multiple encoder supportIt supports various encoders such as differential encoder, open-collector encoder and push-pull output encoder.
OperationRunning command sourceOperation panel、Control terminals、Serial communication port,You can perform switchover between these sources in various ways.
Frequency sourceThere are a total of 10 frequency sources, such as digital setting, analog voltage setting, analog current setting pulse setting and serial communication port setting. You can perform switchover between these sources in various ways.
Auxiliary frequency sourceThere are ten auxiliary frequency sources.
It can implement fine tuning of auxiliary frequency and frequency synthesis.
Input terminalStandard:
5 digital input (DI) terminals, S5 supports up to 100 kHz high-speed pulse inputs.
2 analog input (AI) terminals, one of which only V1 supports 0—10V voltage input and V2 supports 0–10 V voltage input or 4—20 ma current input.
Expanding capacity:
3 extended digital input terminal(S6,S7,S8),
1 analog input terminal that supports -10— 10V voltage input and also supports motor temperature PT100 test, and supports injection molding machine signals.
Output terminalStandard:
1 output terminal (SP1),Optional for the open collector output or high-speed pulse output(0~100kHz);
1 relay output terminals(TA-TB-TC),
1 analog output terminals (FM1),supports 0~20mAcurrent output Or 0~10Vvoltage output.
expansion capability:
1 Open collector output terminals (SP2),
2 relay output terminals(TA2-TB2-TC2、 TA3-TB3-TC3),
1 analog output terminals(FM2),supports 0~20mA current output or 0~10V voltage output.

Keyboard operations and accessoriesLED display5 display the parameter
Parameter cloneIt is convenient to set the parameters in Batch. Press MODE+▲, the parameter can be sent to Keyboard, Press MODE+▼, the parameter can be downloaded to the drive.(This function cannot be available when the drive works with RS485 communication)
Key locking and function selectionIt can lock the keys partially and completely and define the function range of some keys so as to prevent misuse.
Protection modeMotor short-circuit detection at power-on, input/output phase loss protection, over-current protection, overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, overheat protection and overload protection.
Optional partsIO expansion cards 1(JP-EXT1-IO)、IO expansion cards
2(JP-EXT2-IO)、differential input and output PG card 1(JP-PG1-DIFF)、push-pull output PG card 2(JP-PG2-OC).
EnvironmentInstallation locationIndoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapour, drip or salt.
AltitudeLess than 1000m; each rises 1000 m, de-rating 10% use.
Ambient temperature-10℃~+40℃(Ambient temperature 40℃~50℃, please de-rating use).
HumidityLess than 95%RH,no water condenses.
VibrationLess than 5.9m/s2(0.6g)
Storage temperature-20℃~+60℃

Energy savings
Many fixed-speed motor load applications that are supplied direct from AC line power can save energy when they are operated at variable speed by means of VFD. Such energy cost savings are especially pronounced in variable-torque centrifugal fan and pump applications, where the load's torque and power vary with the square and cube, respectively, of the speed. This change gives a large power reduction compared to fixed-speed operation for a relatively small reduction in speed. For example, at 63% speed a motor load consumes only 25% of its full-speed power. This reduction is in accordance with affinity laws that define the relationship between various centrifugal load variables.
In the United States, an estimated 60-65% of electrical energy is used to supply motors, 75% of which are variable-torque fan, pump, and compressor loads. Eighteen percent of the energy used in the 40 million motors in the U.S. could be saved by efficient energy improvement technologies such as VFDs.
Only about 3% of the total installed base of AC motors are provided with AC drives. However, it is estimated that drive technology is adopted in as many as 30-40% of all newly installed motors.
An energy consumption breakdown of the global population of AC motor installations is as shown in the following table:Top 10 brands Frequency Converter
14.06.2019, Saat:03:19
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