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 Ground Engaging Tools factory
08.08.2019, Saat:10:53,
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Ground Engaging Tools factory

Product introduction
Forging bucket teeth for excavators are important parts of excavators, similar to human teeth, but also wearable parts. Bucket teeth are composed of teeth adaptor and teeth tip, which are connected by teeth pin lock. Because the bucket teeth wear failure part is the tip, just need to replacing just the teeth
The technological process of bucket teeth: sand casting, forging and precision casting. Sand casting: The lowest cost, the lowest technological level and the quality of bucket teeth are not as good as precision casting and forging. Forging: The highest cost, the best technological level and the best quality of bucket teeth.
We offer a large variety of forging bucket teeth applicable for world famous brands and Chinese domestic brands like komatsu, hitachi, kobelco, kato, mitusbishi, Kubota, yanmar,Hyundai, doosan,Volvo, case, jcb, sany, xugong, liugong,zoomlion sunward etc..
Different types of forging bucket teeth for excavators
Detailed information of excavator forging bucket tooth as below:
MaterialSpecial alloy steel
Applicable pitch range90 to 317.5
Manufacturing methodLathing,drilling,heat treatment,grinding
ColorStainless color,black
PackingWooden case
Delivery timefrom 20 days to 45 days
Port of shipmentXiament,Quanzhou
guarantee time6 months
OEM and ODMAcceptable
Payment termTT 30percent as deposit,TT 70 percent balance after receipt the scan copy of bill of lading
LC at sight
Features1. forging
2. special alloy steel
Forging bucket teeth
1. Bucket Teeth Material Available: Carbon steel, Alloy steel(high Manganese steel, high Chromium steel, etc)
2. The bucket teeth are under Quenching and tempering treatment. Our bucket teeth have good physical
Performance and can be used for a long time.
3. The whole process from casting to heat treatment is strictly inspected by our professional workers to ensure the quality. The hardness of our Bucket Teeth & Adapters are up to HRC48-53, with excellent elongation and tensile strength, so very suitable for many different hard working conditions.
4. Our products are being exported throughout the world. Our sales volume increasingly grows and our products have gained many customers' recognition for high quality. We exporte to North- America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle- East, Asian areas and countries.
5. Technical infomation:
Hardness HB 470--540
Yield point 1340Re -N/mm2
Tensile strength 1690RM -N/mm2
Elongation 9%
Resilience (-20oC) 17J
Hardness HB 380--430
Customer's drawings and/or samples are both acceptable for business.
Our excavator forging buchket tooth as below:
E serialE303 E305.5 E55 E70 E70B E307 E120 E120B E311 E312 E200B E320 E324 E240 E300 E300B E322 E325 E329 E330 E339 E345 E349 E365 E375 E450
KomatsuPC05 PC07 PC12R PC15R PC10-7 PC20-3 PC20-5 PC20-6 PC20-6RUBBER PC20R-8 PC30MR-1 PC30-7 PC40-7 PC40-7RUBBER PC45 PC40MR PC50MR-2 PC50 PC50UU PC56 PC60-5 PC60-6 PC60-7 PC75-3 PC75UU PC78 PC100-1 PC100-3 PC120-5 PC130-7 PC138 PC150 PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5/6/7/8 PC300-3PC300-5/6/7/8 PC400-3 PC400-5/6/7/8 PC650-5 PC650-8 PC750 PC800 PC1000-1 PC1250-8
HitachiEX08 EX12 EX15 EX30-1 EX30-2 EX55 EX40-1 EX40-2 EX50 EX60-1 EX60-2/3 EX60-5 EX300-5 EX350 EX70 EX75 EX90-1 EX100 EX100M-1 EX150 EX200-1 EX200-2/3/5 EX220 EX300-1 EX400-1 EX400-3/5 EX650 EX800 ZAX55 ZAX60 ZAX70 ZAX200 ZAX200-3 ZAX200-5G ZAX210 ZAX240 ZAX240-5G ZAX270 ZAX330-3 ZAX330-5G ZAX360-7G ZAX450 ZAX470 ZAX870
KobelcoSK020SR SK024 SK025 SK035SR SK045SR SK030 SK042-1 SK042-2 SK045MINI SK045(10T) SK060 SK55 SK60 SK75 SK120-3 SK120-5 SK135 SK140 SK200-3/5 SK200-6/8 SK07-1 SK230 SK220-3 SK220-5 SK260 SK250-8 SK300 SK300-3 SK320 SK330-6 SK330-8 SK350-8 SK400 SK450 SK460
SumitomoSH55 SH60 SH75 SH80 SH120 SH120A3 SH260 SH265 SH280 SH200 SH220 SH300 SH300-3 SH340 SH350 SH450 SH460
KatoHD50 HD250 HD400 HD450 HD550 HD700 HD720 HD770 HD820 HD1023 HD1250 HD1430 HD1880 HD2035
MitsubishiMS30 MS40 MS070 MS110-5 MS120-8 MS140 MS180-3 MS180-8
HyundaiR55 R60-5 R80-7 R130 R140-7 R150 R160 R200 R210-3 R215-9 R210LC-7 R220-5 R225-7 R225-9 R220LC-9 R265 E275 R290 R305 R320 R330LC-9 R335 R360 R450 R480 R500
DoosanDX50 DX60 DX80 DX140 DX180 DX200 DX220 DX225 DX300 DX380 DX420 DX500
DaewooDH55 DH80 DH150 DH220 DH220-9 DH258 DH280 DH300 DH360 DH370 DH420 DH500
VolvoEC55 EC140 EC210B EC240B EC290 EC330 EC360 EC460 EC700
KubotaU10-3 U15-3 U17-3 U20-2 U20-3 U30-2 U30-3 U40-2 U40-3 U50-3 U60 U80 U85 KX36 KX41-3 KX61 KX91-3 KX101 KX121 KX155 KX161-3 KX185 KH025 KH033 KH40 KH45 KH90
YanmarVio15-1 Vio15-2 Vio20-1 Vio20-2 Vio30-1 Vio30-2 Vio35 Vio40-2 Vio50 Vio55-1 Vio55-2 Vio60 Vio70 Vio75 Vio80 B19-3 B27-3 B50 B70
Fiat-HitachFH150 FH200-3 FH220-3 FH300 FH330
JCBJS80 JS140 JS200 JS220 JS330
CaseCX60 CX75 CX135 CX240 CX360
SanySY65 SY135 SY215 SY235 SY275 SY335 SY365
YuchaiYc35 YC55 YC60 YC85 YC135 YC230
Other brandsIHI30 IS30 IS35 IHI40 IHI50 H30 H45 MM35 MM45 K030 TB150 TB175 SWE50 SWE60 SWE70
We don’t list all items in the above table. If any more item you need,please feel free to contact with us.
1. What is MOQ for the order?
Generally speaking, the MOQ is a full container load of 20 feet container. Under this condition, the single cost can be lowered. if customers ask for less full container load. It is also acceptable.
2. What is the percent of your parts for overseas market?
70percent of our parts are for overseas market.
3. Is there any guarantee of your parts?
There are 6 months guarantee time for excacavar parts under normal working conditions and 3months guaranteet tiem for bulldozer parts under normal working conditions.Ground Engaging Tools factory
08.08.2019, Saat:10:53
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