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 China Laboratory Fume Hood
11.09.2019, Saat:04:17,
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China Laboratory Fume Hood

What are the common fume hoods in the lab?

Various types of fume hood materials, all steel, steel, stainless steel, pp, fiberglass, the main customers or the main steel structure, affordable and economical and durable. Pp fume hoods are used in strong acid and alkali laboratories. The advantage is that they will not be corroded. The disadvantage is that they cannot withstand high temperatures. Induction hoods cannot be placed in induction hoods. Stainless steel is the best, stainless steel not only corrosion resistance, but also high temperature, but the cost is relatively high.
In the laboratory, according to the characteristics and conditions of the room and the ventilation effect to be achieved, we divide the fume hood into the following categories:
1.Slit type fume hood: The structure of the slit fume hood is more complicated and the production is more troublesome. The rear side and top of the fume hood are equipped with exhaust slits, which can obtain good results for various working conditions.
2. Natural Ventilation Fume Hood: The advantage is that it does not consume electricity. It can change the air during the day and night (usually 6 times per hour), without vibration and noise, low investment cost, simple structure and easy maintenance. However, it is only suitable for experiments with low toxicity and no heat generation. In some places, it is too hot to use natural ventilation type fume hoods in summer.
3. By-pass type fume hood: It is suitable for evacuation of indoor air by the amplitude fume hood. When the fume hood is completely closed, it does not affect the ventilation in the laboratory.
The working mode, area used, and wind power of each type of fume hood are different. Of course, the price is not the same. When selecting, the appropriate fume hood should be selected according to the specific laboratory environment.
4. Breeze-type fume hoods: Clean labs or laboratories with air-conditioning systems that use this type of fume hood to save energy while not affecting the air quality in the lab itself.
5. Ventilation fume hoods: It is suitable for laboratories that require heat to generate refrigeration. The structure of fume hoods is relatively simple and easy to manufacture.
6. Active fume hoods: In modern laboratory buildings, a general-purpose laboratory (experimental hall) is also sometimes deployed. The lab benches, basin fume hoods and other equipment can be moved at any time and can be pushed when not in use. Adjacent storage room. Such fume hoods should be made of wood, plastic or light metal for movement.
The above is related information released by Guangzhou Fine Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. The company provides PP fume hood, laboratory decoration, laboratory furniture accessories and other services, welcome new and old customers to consultChina Laboratory Fume Hood
11.09.2019, Saat:04:17
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